Tame (BoyxBoy)

Tame (BoyxBoy)

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Skye By DeltaBrainwaves Updated Dec 18, 2016

Talen is a werewolf who has known nothing but cruelty his entire life, given that he was raised in a slave and labor camp. To him, the world is filled with only two kinds of people. People who are cruel, and those who aren't. The ones who aren't cruel, are beaten down and shown their place by the ones who are. Talen, however, refuses to be beaten down, and fights back as much as he can. His aggressive behavior soon gets the best of him, though, when one of the Cruels contacts a certain known vampire, one who trains and tames submissives and slaves for a living. 

Master Rune is known for his practice in training submissives, and taming slaves. It's all he's done for years, and he's very good at it. A twink would go in, he'd do his thing, and they'd leave with a severe limp and their heads lowered. However, Rune is starting to get tired, and wants to find a pet of his own before he finally settles down.

When Talen is taken to Rune, the vampire can already tell that the werewolf isn't going to be like most slaves he's tamed. He can see, through Talen's aggressive behavior, and fiery eyes, that deep down, all he is is just a tired and self-protective young man. 

While Rune tries to get Talen to trust him, Talen struggles to see that Rune isn't as cruel as he's commonly known to be. Over time, through long days and tricky training techniques, the two start to become attached to each other. Rune discovers that he doesn't want to send Talen back to the camp, and decides to keep the werewolf as his very own pet, and finally settles down, where Talen can be safe under Rune's gentle care.

Earlhyn Earlhyn Aug 24, 2016
Another Werewolf x Vampire's story.
                              Hmm... Seems interesting!
breaking0silence breaking0silence Oct 12, 2016
YEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!! A broken whom refused to break! I love this character!
Earlhyn Earlhyn Aug 24, 2016
Really interesting, i hope you're constantly updates for this one.
MyLiteraryEscape MyLiteraryEscape Aug 24, 2016
It's lovely how he finds something so solitary, comforting.
                              He doesn't understand what it's like to be comforted or cared for by others, therefore being alone is what he finds safe.
                              I wonder how his mindset will change you know?
PlesurablePainSubDom PlesurablePainSubDom Sep 17, 2016
Attention caught. I'm now going to continue reading this entrapping story
emmi10022000 emmi10022000 Sep 19, 2016
Good, this si sooooo good! You have me wrapped around your finger, waiting for more. I am already addicted and I love it!