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Help Me... Human! Will Cipher x  (reader)

Help Me... Human! Will Cipher x (reader)

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YasunagaAya By AlissaAyane Completed

Will Cipher x (reader)
I've wanted to do this for a while!
Thanks for reading!

Story has been completed! 

(y/n) (l/n) has lived in Reverse Falls all her life. She had parents who loved her so much and lived in a house in the woods. But what happens when a catastrophic turn of events has her living on her own to fend for herself?

 Well  fine for the most part. 

So what happens when Dipper Gleeful appears and wants to force you into a relationship with him? 

What happens when you fall for Will Cipher, a dream demon from the mindscape?

And what happens when his brother Bill Cipher falls in love with you and not for the right reasons?

What if you share something that the Gleeful twins have, the reason for their fame and popularity?

How will you survive the nightmare that has become your life?

All will be revealed...

All I have to say is, good luck, you're in for a wild ride!

I do not own any pictures! The cover picture belongs to its original owner(s)! This book is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks again for reading! :D

Jackarcat Jackarcat 7 days ago
No! That's so sad....
                              WHO WANTS TO KILL THE GLEEFULS WITH ME?!
Dipper Gleeful is going to die to night * pulls out needles and thread* P A I N F U L L Y
Have you guys seen what reverse Dipper looks like tho😍😍 *clears throat* I mean... YEAH LET'S KILL THEM FOR MESSING WITH OUR CINNAMON ROLL!!
No your cleanly not my little blue sinominroll! So I have a question* pulls out knife. Blood starts to come from my eyes and mouth* W H O   D I D   T H I S ! ! ? !
I don't even know what to--
                              The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, on days like this kids like Dipper sHOULD BE?!