Who Should I Choose?

Who Should I Choose?

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~ A Y/N/Camren Story ~

You've been in an almost perfect relationship for the past two years with a girl named Camila Cabello. You use the word almost because you know very little about her family. All you know is she has a dad, step-mom, and a step-sister whom she doesn't see or speak to. 

After getting into a heated argument with Camila over wanting to learn about her family, you and Camila decide to break up and you storm out of your shared apartment. You end up walking to a pub and you decide it'd be good to drink your problems away for the night. Whilst at the pub, a gorgeous green eyed girl takes a seat next to you and you two instantly connect. A night of talking and drinking results in you going back to Green Eyes's house to have an amazing one night stand. Or at least what you expect to be a one night stand... You leave the beautiful stranger's house the next day thinking you'll never see her again. Is that really the case?

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

~ Cover by -kingcalum ~

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