Manan ff- Fallen For The Forbidden

Manan ff- Fallen For The Forbidden

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Pooja By tweetie1005 Updated Sep 10

She was a stranger, yet he despised her.. She never met him, yet he was the reason for her destruction.. She was always off limits, yet he ended up falling for the forbidden...

What happens when sweet and sorted Nandini Murthy ends up falling for monstrous and mysterious Manik Malhotra.. What happens when she discovers things he is keeping from her.. These secrets might just break her.. But what will she do when she realizes that she is too deep in love to ever emerge out now??

The chapters are private.. So follow me to read the story..

What the what!!! Manik is Nandini's step-brother. I think all of them have some misconception about her so they're behaving so rudely and Manik seems like a jerk. Anyhoo the story seems really intriguing. Waiting for the next update.
archu_asok archu_asok Jul 26
Awesome prologue 
                              Loved it 
                              Super excited to read further
arpamanan arpamanan Jul 31
Step brother ????? But how can they be a couple ? Though they r step brother & sisters by relation but still they r siblings. I am sry if you get offended.I really like your writing as I have read your another story.but this concept is very weird.sry...don't mind plz.
TheTeenKid TheTeenKid Jul 27
Hey!!! This is nice! I really like such mysterious stories....go head!!💚💚💚💚💚