pure imagination (jojian)

pure imagination (jojian)

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"trap grunge" By -sophomoreslump Completed

ian is tired of fantasizing about george and decides to do something about it.


yeah, so i decided to write about these two dorks
-a "cool" person

tristanfeyd tristanfeyd Sep 18
Idk if this is open for helping with editing but "who's" should be "whose" because who's= who is. Sorry. Beautiful writing though
D0itsu D0itsu Nov 15
i said one more chapter but nOW IM GOING TO READ IT ALL FÛCK
XGonerX XGonerX Aug 14
Roses are red
                              Violets are prickly
                              And well, goddamn, that escalated quickly
- - Jul 31
that part in the stream made me ://! Like it obviously wasn't leafy but ok