The Jammer's Academy (Aparri x Reader)

The Jammer's Academy (Aparri x Reader)

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Fiandlink By Fiandlink Updated Nov 13, 2016

WARNING: The book your about to read is filled with cringe, do not open unless you're brave.

Credit to tronnorfrellet, she's the one responsible for the amazing cover!

Y/N, one of the most unsuccessful Animal Jam YouTuber's there is, has been accepted into a special academy, with the far more successful Animal Jam YouTuber's as the teachers.
However, she wasn't the only one picked for the special academy, the others were:

Aparri - a headstrong teenager

and Bepper - a loyal, but also headstrong teenager

Will this story be filled with adventurous love? Or will they hate each other? 
Find out in The Jammer's Academy!

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I don't eat bacon because pigs are my favourite animal but okay it's still my favourite
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                              APPARI AND BEPPER
                              And great story so far!!
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Reads cast sees Ali reads part sounds right just add addicted to highlighters
TheAmazingPalz TheAmazingPalz Nov 10, 2016
*reada cast see's Julian2 is in there* ......! JULIAN22222222!!!
RomneyBean RomneyBean Sep 08, 2016
Jammer´s academy no offence but probably the cringiest name but I like the book