Black And White

Black And White

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Swedish Pancake By Superfruit_IsLife Updated 11 hours ago

"Their love

 as black and white

as piano keys and permanent ink."


ashpatterson2 ashpatterson2 Dec 24, 2016
Who else thought of Red from 'That 70's Show'.....
                              No just me. Oookkkk then....
PentaNerd PentaNerd Dec 23, 2016
In this situation i'm mitch,everyone asks to copy either my math or physics hw😥
grxssii grxssii Dec 18, 2016
i love how even though Scott is his boyfriend and he's some how "attached" he can't be submissed YOU GO QUEEN
p3ntatonix p3ntatonix Dec 23, 2016
Who else is getting Riot by pointless nachos vibes from this book? No one? Ok.
liyliy928 liyliy928 Dec 11, 2016
Whaaaat?! A story where Mitch doesn't like cursing?? Give me more!
SofiaGrassiHoying SofiaGrassiHoying Dec 03, 2016
                              I know it's the wrong series don't gimme that look