Black And White

Black And White

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Swedish Pancake By Superfruit_IsLife Updated 10 minutes ago

"Their love

 as black and white

as piano keys and permanent ink."


When I was in 6th grade in my Spanish class she made us watch this music video about a kid who's asking his teacher to go to the bathroom
This made me so mad if my mom did this i would be like 'I am doing my best so get the f*ck off my back' .
ashpatterson2 ashpatterson2 Dec 24, 2016
Who else thought of Red from 'That 70's Show'.....
                              No just me. Oookkkk then....
mitchellcmg mitchellcmg Mar 06
I love couples like this where they're such an unlikely combination but are just so in love and ugh I love this
grxssii grxssii Dec 18, 2016
i love how even though Scott is his boyfriend and he's some how "attached" he can't be submissed YOU GO QUEEN
liyliy928 liyliy928 Dec 11, 2016
Whaaaat?! A story where Mitch doesn't like cursing?? Give me more!