Road Trip ~ Markle/Rucas

Road Trip ~ Markle/Rucas

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"Who's brilliant idea was it again?" Lucas hits the steering wheel, turning the key to make it run. But, nothing was happening.

"Yours" Riley says, in the passenger seat. Trying to get a signal on her phone.

"Told you, you should've gotten a gallon of water when we had the chance. The car needs water.. But, did anybody listen.. NOO." Farkle begins to rant.

"We should've bought some food while we were at that gas station 27 miles back" Maya mutters.

"Well, this car is dead to me now" Lucas says, giving it a death glare.

"And... We're lost and stranded..." Farkle says, resting his head on the window.

"Some Road Trip..." They all mutter in unison.

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O boy here it comes and this is my fav song from George Straight
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You always agree with Maya😏 But he makes a good point.
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