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The Queen's Alpha | #Wattys2017

The Queen's Alpha | #Wattys2017

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Laisha Gardner By DarkShadows5 Updated a day ago

I released a deep breath, reverting my gaze to Elias. His face was no longer visible as he kept his head bowed. Though I hadn't done half of the things I wanted to, It was obvious he was exhausted. 

Still, those were not my reasons for ceasing my assault on him. I was far from done with him and as much as I would have loved to torture him to unconsciousness, I had a rather important meeting I had to attend to. 

I turned on my heels, heading to the exit where Darius held the door open for me. 

"W-Why..." Elias' weak voice met my ears. Stopping on my tracks, I snapped my head to him, my eyes landing on his blood concealed torso.

Slowly lifting his head, he searched my face as he breathed out, "W-Why are you doing this?.." 

I clicked my tongue, the smirk on my lips turning to a sinister smile. "Because your pain brings me joy."


It's always the same damn story. 

"Ruthless dominating alpha enslaves the helpless and naive woman that just so happens to be his mate." Boohoo. Werewolves are so dramatic...

Life isn't a fairy tale. I live in the real world where there is no such thing as one born destined to be with another. Or the silly crap you like to call "soulmate". 

A man dominating me? That's funny. 

I refuse to to be dominated by anyone. I refuse to allow anyone to stand in the way of what I want.

This world will belong to me.

They will all kneel and bow before me.

And the werewolves? I'll drag them to the bottom of the food chain before I let them stand in my way.

In the process, let's have a little fun. Shall we?

Ever heard of The Vampire Queen enslaving Alpha Werewolf? 'Cause that sure sounds exciting.

Cover by: @MaryKont

You have every right to set your ground rules the way you see fit. Understand perfectly and much respect to you. I am excited for this book! Usually the alpha is the boss. But you switched it up and a vampire queen is the boss. Yeeesss love it already!
mysterywolfdragon mysterywolfdragon Dec 26, 2016
Sometimes the way I make it seem may seem demanding but i try not to because I think u should have as much time as possible to update. Anything rushed doesn't turn out right all the time.
mysterywolfdragon mysterywolfdragon Dec 26, 2016
Yay, i don't like when I have to go to a different book or website to find the smut
rhon671 rhon671 Aug 06, 2016
Oh how do I explain my excitement, YIPEE!! Haha, and here I go! I ❤️ Reading!
mysterywolfdragon mysterywolfdragon Dec 26, 2016
I agree, I don't know why some ppl continue reading something when they dislike it so much to insult someone about it
DaoudiZahia DaoudiZahia Aug 06, 2016
when i read consent in here i remembered the contract from fifty shades of grey , for some reason xD , enlighten me and consent are the two words that will forever be changed for me