The Queen's Alpha

The Queen's Alpha

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Beezy By DarkShadows5 Updated Nov 07

It's always the same damn story. 

"Ruthless dominating alpha enslaves the helpless and naive woman that just so happens to be his mate." Boohoo. Werewolves are so dramatic...

Life isn't a fairy tale. I live in the real world where there is no such thing as one born destined to be with another. Or the silly crap you like to call "soulmate". 

A man dominating me? That's funny. 

I refuse to to be dominated by anyone. I refuse to allow anyone to stand in the way of what I want.

This world will belong to me.

They will all kneel and bow before me.

And the werewolves? I'll drag them to the bottom of the food chain before I let them stand in my way.

In the process, let's have a little fun. Shall we?

Ever heard of The Vampire Queen enslaving Alpha Werewolf? 'Cause that sure sounds exciting.

Cover by: @MaryKont

He's dumb.LIKE SERIOUSLY YOUR GONNA WAIT FOR THE CHILD TO GET REVENGE?!I don't know why i'm getting so worked up on this.
rhon671 rhon671 Aug 06
Oh how do I explain my excitement, YIPEE!! Haha, and here I go! I ❤️ Reading!
crazykajal crazykajal 5 days ago
Finally I got the time to read this story but not being that fortunate my internet is working to slow :(
                              So won't be able to comment frequently
rhon671 rhon671 Aug 06
The prologue got me on edge! The start of a new addiction. I'm hooked already 😉👍
readtokill readtokill Aug 06
You better get a surgery to change that face. It might save your life in the future..😉
crazykajal crazykajal 5 days ago
Her behaviour matches to my story character Krista. Let's make them friends haha