Ever Scent//A Garmau fanfic

Ever Scent//A Garmau fanfic

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Arina By ArinasNoteBook Updated Sep 17, 2017

It has always been the main focus of the teen years, the attention past. And so was Garroth's fears.
It has been six years after Aphmau and Garroth graduated. They started to settle down, and as after all. When Garroth again, thought his life would settle down.

It was all completely wrong. This time, his little Aphmau couldn't help him out.

Why not?

His little light went against him. He fucked up badly. He didn't want Aphmau poor no matter how much she hated him, so he kept his job.

Sincerely, he couldn't blame her.

He was the problem of his ignorant mistake and with his way, he needed to fix it.

(Sequel of Insanity for my Ecstasy, before you read this book I suggest you should read the first book. Otherwise, the book will contain swearing and sexual interaction)

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Arial_Arise Arial_Arise Aug 22, 2017
How come every book of garmau I read he's always good in calculus
Maximum_Death Maximum_Death Sep 13, 2016
auraflow auraflow Sep 29, 2016
Thats my fear im scared of the basement snd thr sttic its like you dont wsnt to see a ghost thinking something elsr but instead you keep reminding that the dark has a ghost 😱
MinRiyah-Yoongi MinRiyah-Yoongi Sep 13, 2016
I told my mom that i didnt want to go to school today because i 'Felt sick' But really i wanted to be the top 50 people to read this book first
KatrinaWolf19 KatrinaWolf19 Feb 21, 2017
Can it be like 100 chapters.  not to be pushy or anything but this is the best book ever and i dont want it to end.
auraflow auraflow Sep 28, 2016
Im still twelve and i still use a cute brown plushie that was with me for already 10 or maybe 8 years 😂