My Art Book!

My Art Book!

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||| DO NOT STEAL OR USE MY ART, unless you ask and I say 'yes' and credit me! |||

|| Started on 7/25/16 ||

All of the drawings posted in this book is mine! I've been drawing  since November in 2015! I drew the cover on 9/24/16! I like drawing characters in pain or dying... Something is wrong with me...

There will be blood, some gore, some shipping, requests, Sans X Frisk, Goth X Palette. 

This book starts with my old drawings, so please bare with me. The drawings will get better! (I hope) 

I also do tags in this book! 

You may request stuff for me to draw, I'll try my very best on it. 

If you want to, you may check out mah other books. (Warning: The books are Sans X Frisk. If you don't ship that, then ignore that sentence.)

The cover of this book is a character from a game called UnderTale. I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS FROM UnderTale! IT BELONGS TO Toby Fox! 

Literally, the only reason I made an Art Book is cuz my friend IRL, @Frisk_the_human_2003 , wants meh too. And since she is mah bestie and we've been friends for 8 years. I did this for you!!!

Goth: nekophy on Tumblr

Palette Roller: angexci on Tumblr

WhiteWolf49 WhiteWolf49 a day ago
Oh my gosh, you are amazing at drawing, and I've only seen the first one! I love it already! :3
Boy's hair,it's always the same design for meh.Srlsy.Same design for hair.
SilentArt SilentArt Aug 14
You mashed the two most adorable characters and this is so adorable I can't even- a Gaster Blaster on the ketchup too?!  👍 A+ content
It's been a long time much longer than you since I started to draw.And I'm STILL trying to draw hands.
                              BTW,great drawing doe!