(ON HOLD) The Sky [KHR Fanfic]

(ON HOLD) The Sky [KHR Fanfic]

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KuroiOozora By KuroiOozora Updated Jan 19

KHR belongs to Amano Akira
The plot and others belongs to Aulia25 (FFN)
(Am just a TRANSLATOR, who's trying my best)

GRAMMAR and typos
Super slow update

Sky is harmony. It accepts everything and a place where all weather lean on.

The encouraging Sun, the free Cloud, the calming Rain, the protecting Mists, the revolting Storm, and the thunderous Thunder.

Ryohei, Kyoya, Takeshi, Mukuro, Chrome, Hayato, and Lambo, to them, there is only one Sky, that person is Sawada Tsunayoshi

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I'm honestly wondering why the hell had this teacher not been fired from the school. Unless the whole school including the staffs bully Tsuna, this stupid teacher's insults should have reached the principal's ears by now.
Well you stupid teacher, if you hadn't realized, stupid and idiot !means the same freaking thing😠. (No offence autor-chan, Im talking to Nezu-rat)