Video Vixen. (Laurinah Fic) [Completed.]

Video Vixen. (Laurinah Fic) [Completed.]

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Koala . ✨ By _KayParrilla Completed

Meet Dinah Jane Hansen, a well known video and music producer who got into the business at the age of 19. She's hard working and smooth with the ladies although she's not one to sleep around or to really give anyone a chance. A bad break up and insecurities are to blame. All Dinah wants is to find someone who she can give her all to and spoil but deep down she feels that it'll never happen. 

But that wasn't until Dinah met her...
  Meet Lauren, a young woman who's had it rough growing up but managed to make a name for herself in the world by using her beauty. She makes her living as a video vixen and a model. First introduced to the business at the tender age of 18. It pays well and it keeps her mind off of the past but she can't help but to feel lonely. All she ever wanted was to have someone by her side to love her unconditionally and who sees her for more than her outer beauty. 
  Find out what happens when Lauren and Dinah Jane cross paths. Will there be a bumpy road for the two as they start to fall for one another or will things run smoothly?
  Dinah Jane G!P
  Rated M for Mature audiences only.

Cover by X @Camila_Cabello22 
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chandlerswagluv chandlerswagluv Nov 27, 2016
Okay ik bad timing but sex most of been bomb if that one of the only things she wanted
NormanisKorslay NormanisKorslay Aug 31, 2016
You'd think it'd be Canola seeing as their both Cuban. BUT YO. ALREN COUSINS? YES
Laurinah13V Laurinah13V Oct 26, 2016
Who's THIS BITCHH? .....  Val it's just a story put the gun down*
NormanisKorslay NormanisKorslay Aug 29, 2016
I need me some friends like that. My friends abuse me..😪 But, I do it back so it's okay.
Laurinah13V Laurinah13V Oct 26, 2016
God I'm so into this story already....  I want so bad to cut this BITCHH