Smooth Criminals: Harley x Joker Origin Story

Smooth Criminals: Harley x Joker Origin Story

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Tiana Warner By TianaWarner3 Completed

The transition from Harleen Quinzel to the Queen of Crime is a story of desire, surrender, and madness.  ♦️  A new take on the birth of Harley Quinn and The Joker.  ♣️  M for romance and violence reasons.


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AshleyJouns AshleyJouns Aug 13
Already? Damn Joker youre good with messing with peeps heads
                              Just absolutely beautiful! 
                              I love this story already!
*ahem* you said it wrong. 
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                              I'll continue reading now. 
                              (This is a good book, and I have no hate against the joke in any way.)
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