Brendon Urie Imagines.

Brendon Urie Imagines.

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Breadwind Urie By 1Bohemian_rhapsody1 Updated 5 days ago

If you love Brendon Urie, this is the book for you. This book contains imagines that will satisfy your imagination and needs. Other than that, the title says it all. 

Made just for you.❤️

.SmutMaybeIncluded.. ;)

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❤Thanks to you all❤

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Brendon: Babe! Beer me!
                              Sarah: *gives him the beer*
                              Brendon: Thanks, Babe. Marriage.
I'm listening to the Death of a Bachelor album and Death of a Bachelor is just playing now!
gotmorewit gotmorewit Jun 25
I'm offended no one in the restaurant clapped for our engagement
adri479 adri479 Sep 06
Wait wait... in this story why did he write death of a bachelor if he wasn't married yet?
loserholl loserholl Jul 17
*starts singing don't threaten me with a good time* 
                              cHaMpAgNe CoCaInE gAsOLiNe
nyb123 nyb123 Sep 04
So catch us up on getting out of here! Reply if you get the reference