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Brendon Urie Imagines.

Brendon Urie Imagines.

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Breadbin Urie By 1Bohemian_rhapsody1 Updated 4 days ago

We all love Brendon so why not imagine what it's like being around him? ❤

.SmutMaybeIncluded.. ;)

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❤Thanks to you all❤

On the paragraph before this, I read passion as Parmesan. I'm allergic to cheese.
MeLikeyFood MeLikeyFood Dec 29, 2016
Where's the cocaine and gasoline?! There can't be champagne without cocaine and gasoline! 😂
jordangeter jordangeter Feb 19
I think I'm ready to leave I'm ready to live 
                              IM READY TO GOOOOOOO OH OH OH
TwelveShadesofGray TwelveShadesofGray Sep 02, 2016
Thanks for the follow! I love Panic! My favorite songs are Mrs Jackson and I Don't Write Sins I Write Tragedies
This is a xreader? Yasss! *nosebleed then chokes in own blood*
                              Anyone know the song nicotine?
unoffical_username unoffical_username Nov 03, 2016
Your welcome but I can't message on message board right now because I need to fix my email. But your welcome.