Fighting for what was mine all along (A Meliodas x reader)

Fighting for what was mine all along (A Meliodas x reader)

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❤️😜Sweettooth😜❤️ By bunnyluv101890 Updated 5 days ago

Hey everyone!!!!
This is my very first time writing my own story, I'm going to try my best to make it a good and well written story that will blow your minds! 
And I will try my best to update as much as possible!

Here is a little sneak peak, hehe

"Everything was suddenly getting blurry, my vision was off, and my body felt lifeless. All I seen was blood everywhere and all I could hear were screams. Then suddenly I felt a tear drop down my cheek. It took all my energy inside of me to turn and took upward to see the only one I truly loved. My eye lids started to shut, my body started feeling numb. Then I felt two hands pick me up bride style and my head lied against something warm. 'I hear his heart beat' I think to myself. I wanted to tell him before it was too late, so before my body was going to be sleep for good, three words was going to slip out of my mouth. but..... Only one did, and that one word took everything inside me to say, "Meliodas......" Then everything went black.

As you all know Meliodas , the sin or wrath, the Captain of the Seven deadly sins, suddenly discovered there is a new and rare key to open up the gates of hell that he must find before the holy Knights do. Let's all pretend that all the holy Knights weren't after Elizabeth, they were after YOU! Y/N, the princess of the holy devil, the daughter of the king of all demons, that one and important key. And let's also pretend that all the seven deadly sins were never separated, they were all together traveling from place to place and that Elizabeth was part of the club the whole time.
I know it's a lot to take in but just bare in with me.

I would tell you more about the story but I want you to read it for yourself, but if any of you get confused just leave me a comment and let me know and then I'll explain it all if needed.
Now no more with the chit chat, let's get started!!!

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TheFrenchWinchester TheFrenchWinchester Dec 27, 2017
                              MELIODAS IS KINKY
                              CAN I JUST SAY
                              THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY
LylicApril17 LylicApril17 Nov 26, 2017
Welp.... Talk about a douche...
                              That father is a bitch.😑
ObnoxiousBoi ObnoxiousBoi Jun 16, 2017
If shes Satan's daughter then why would she say thank the lord?
HipsterGarbage14 HipsterGarbage14 Mar 21, 2017
Hey imma shamelessly self advertise right now sooooo :p anyway if you like meliodas x reader stories, I wrote one!!!! please read it! It's called Lovely Sins. I'm trying to get an idea if i'm a good writer or not so please give me your feedback if you happen to read it :)
Snow_Ever Snow_Ever Sep 04, 2017
H-hi author-chan , u-um I-i just wanted to p-point out that....Meliodas IS the son of the demon king, the heir to yhe throne in fact.....
                              Soo I'm just going to pretend he isn't and see the reader (me in this case) be the daughter
AlexsaLoveheart AlexsaLoveheart Aug 07, 2016
and it is Meliodas x reader story
                              so it is rigth to say that at mine view im his sister and lover