Jumping Into Adventure (Buck x Reader) (Ice Age)

Jumping Into Adventure (Buck x Reader) (Ice Age)

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(Name) and Buck were frenemies. And weasels. 

(Name)'s parents have always tried convincing her that Buck's family was bad. 
It was until about you were both about 5. Buck brought (Name) on an adventure that nearly killed her. 

When (Name) was fully recovered, her parents pretty much banned her from seeing Buck. 

When the two secretly meet up, Buck tries to apologies. 
"Maybe my parents were right. You and your family are bad weasels." Was all dhe said before she turned her back on him then left. 

It's years later, and the two come across each other and still have their ups and downs. Will they forgive each other and start up their friendship yet again? Or will they never forgive each other and live in years of silence?

Note: If you don't like Ice Age or Buck, I recommend you to not read this. I don't want any hate. 

Disclaimer: I don't own Ice Age or any characters used in this. I only own OCs that I may add in here and that's it. I also don't own any artwork of videos shown in this fanfic. 


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