Lady Mutiny

Lady Mutiny

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Lady Lilia Cortova, renowned silk merchant by day and deadly assassin by night, mysteriously disappears while on a routine mission during the annual Midsummer festival, leaving her sister, Cassandra, to take her place, not only within the City, but the Underground as well. 

But when it becomes apparent that the Guild of Assassins' loyalties may not lie as deep as once believed, Cass must quickly decide who to trust, and who to eliminate, if she's to discover what's truly become of her sister before the same happens to her.

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Love this exchange right here. Really shows the power dynamics. Good job!
So she is able to speak. Because you said every time she would be unable to in the last paragraph. Probably should change that. Also... why what? Maybe make that clearer
Something is wrong with "bowed the waist fluidly", it just needs some rewording I think
That last sentence needs something. I would insert a "to" before Keep, but you could also take out "will do you", but that would have the word best twice really close to each other and that's kinda something to avoid
I think there's a spelling error in your summary? You put misdummer festival. Was that intentional or should it be midsummer?
That last line is all things we could figure out from inference. It's unnecessary, I would take it out