counting stars - klance

counting stars - klance

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Keith wishes for a lot of things and Lance IS NOT one of them.

klace (keith x lance)

boy x boy

cwea9873 cwea9873 2 days ago
It kinda sucks cause only guys at my school gets bullied but they're scared to pick on the girls and also they kinda know that I'll punch the living sh^t outta them and be annoying BUT LIKE I HATE SEEING PEOPLE GET BULLIED AND IT MAKES ME MAD CAUSE KEITH'S MY SMOL BBY
callmekennyyy callmekennyyy 7 hours ago
Im reading this in class and I'm already about to cry.... damn
TopHatMusician TopHatMusician 3 days ago
And 2,543,210 is my favorite number evacuate it's a complicated number just like I'm a complicated person...
Phangasm21 Phangasm21 2 days ago
My favorite number is 21 and I read it and was like, wait what, it's actually 21?
cwea9873 cwea9873 2 days ago
This just keeps getting sadder and sadder.....;-; MY SMOL BBY CHILD DONT WORRY SPACE MOM'S GONNA HELP YOU OUT
Whale-Chicken Whale-Chicken 6 days ago
so while everyone else here is dying 
                              can I get a big helping of klance? bc I know, sob sob his parents died but KLANCE??