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I Don't Love U Or Do I?

I Don't Love U Or Do I?

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Maria By xxMariaLuvsUxx Updated Dec 29, 2010

This story is about a girl, who used to be boy crazy, but now that she's older, she's a wild child. Her parents want to get her married and soon, but she's barely 16. So, they decide to get her at least engaged. And then there's this boy, who's cousin is getting married to his enemy's younger sister, he really likes the girl. So, his parents decide to get him engaged to the girl. The girl doesn't like him and refuses to marry him. Her parents want her to be responsible and respectful. The girl doesn't like the boy at first, but then he tells her something, which makes her like him a little. What does he tell her? And will the girl ever love the boy? Find out by reading.

Sabrina3 Sabrina3 Dec 29, 2010
@xBoyCrazieeXXXDS-KC i firt herd bout him on the radio i thought a girl was bein les and singin bout another girl
                              my friend is a bit tall 4 an 11 year old but she looks older than him 2
xxMariaLuvsUxx xxMariaLuvsUxx Dec 28, 2010
@Sabrina3 haha, funni. 
                              at first when i saw him on tv when i waz watchin the Nickoldeon (w.e. how u spell that) i thought he waz 13, but then when i wiki searched him, i saw he waz 16 & only 5'4! if i waznt obsessed with him, then i wuud have started rotfl! 
Sabrina3 Sabrina3 Dec 28, 2010
@xBoyCrazieeXXXDS-KC of course he does and it some1 comes here and tells us wrong then we can go laugh at their brainwashed ass my 13 year old bro is taller and older lookin than him
xxMariaLuvsUxx xxMariaLuvsUxx Dec 28, 2010
@Sabrina3 yea, i did, last year, when I wrote this. 
                              but not anymore, he SUXZ!