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Sebastián Morello. 

Chase Miller.

Two different people from different worlds. One has a story that can change everything. One just lives an average life. Flirting and saying sweet nothings in a different language can change these two. But can the baggage be too much? Too heavy? Or too dangerous?

prequeenly prequeenly Nov 16
lol I just laughed out loud at the laundromat and people are looking at me. Austin what are you doing to me!!
This reminds me of my great grandparents. My grandma is Cambodian and only speaks Cambodian while my grandpa is from Thailand and only speaks Thai. All together they made 8 daughters and 3 son. It's crazy how love works.
TheKidBre TheKidBre 6 days ago
I feel like those are the best boys cuz if a nigga try to get you man all he gotta do is look at them & they running to the hills
Sounds kinda like my crush . He's incredibly attractive, and he is great at French. He's funny and a gentleman. He's just ugh. 😂💖 WISH HE WERE MINE .