Prettiest Boy In Town (a Joshler fanfic)

Prettiest Boy In Town (a Joshler fanfic)

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InthenameofJoshDun By InthenameofJoshDun Updated Aug 19, 2018

Josh is the kid in school with a very poor family. They can barely afford food and his clothes are either very old or very cheap. He has only one friend, 'cause the others prefer bullying him over befriending him. He wants to make his parents proud by passing school so that he can go do a higher paid job eventually, but he's bad at maths and is close to failing the class. 

Tyler is the feminine, rich, popular boy in school. Everyone loves him, even though he wears skirts, nail polish, knee high socks and crop tops. He's very good at maths, and, thankfully, Josh's tutor. 

They hit it off right away, but Tyler doesn't know Josh's secret yet. He doesn't know that Josh's poor, but Josh knows that Tyler is rich. He wants to do everything to prove Tyler that he's not using him for his money, and Tyler wants to do everything to make sure that Josh can have nice things and go out and enjoy being a teenager.

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