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Vylante - Split

Vylante - Split

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KawaiiCupcake By KawaiiChibiCupcake Updated Feb 06

Dante soon realizes, as Garroth invites Vylad over to hang out, and since Travis and Zane started dating, the Ro'Meaves have been together quite often... but soon Dante sparks feelings for Vylad. How would Vylad feel? Would Zane and Garroth kill him?
And then Dante finds out Vylad had hid something from him. The entire Ro'Meave family.
They would soon be...well...


GalaxyWolfAJ GalaxyWolfAJ Dec 13, 2016
When i read the desc. Of course zane and garroth will kill dante lol
GirlGoneSavage_ GirlGoneSavage_ Nov 23, 2016
At least is two words. Not trying to be rude, but I'm seriously OCD about words being spelled correctly.
LittlePippy33 LittlePippy33 Dec 14, 2016
*We hear Jacksepticeye screaming overjoyed in the distance* 
                              I LOVE COOKIES!
Lindalove256 Lindalove256 Aug 28, 2016
Shaking shaking and more shaking also Zane shut up and go play smoushie face with Travis PS I don't know how to spell it
KawaiiChibiCupcake KawaiiChibiCupcake Dec 23, 2016
I'm not the only one that doesn't understand the JSE refrence right..
kaymau4 kaymau4 Feb 06
That s so me with my brother. I will beat him up sometimes but I will sacrifice my life for him if it comes to that.