Aphmau- New Life ( Sequel to Aphmau (FNAF Crossover)

Aphmau- New Life ( Sequel to Aphmau (FNAF Crossover)

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Nerdy Me'fwa By Nerdy_CatGirl Updated Oct 02

If you haven't read my first book Aphmau (FNAF crossover) I suggest you read it first or this story will make no sense.

After death Aphmau who used to be the Marionette is now dead and in heaven Until Irene pulled her over What does she say to her? What will happen next? Like I said in my last book, You'll have to read the find out

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters except for Olivia, Conner, Sally, Tyler, and Thomas and any Oc's I make along the way.

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Lol he just jumped into a convesation that doesnt have anything to do with him
True. Now it looks like the saying is true! Cats do have nine lives!
These puns are PUNishment to others y'know... Who's punishment would it be?
piximist941 piximist941 Apr 12
and now everyone else has TRIED to escape the puns 1,000,000,000,000 times
mangledmangle1324 mangledmangle1324 Jul 30, 2016
i loved it when michi said aphmau and than aphmau said michi and than ross said ROSS
Icantnames Icantnames Sep 25, 2016
Well you see Kate he camwe from heaven because he's...