Kids | Natsu x Reader {COMPLETED}

Kids | Natsu x Reader {COMPLETED}

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Amy April Sky By ImJustAmx Updated Aug 13

Fairy Tail FanFiction (Natsu X Reader)

If you had one wish, what would it be? Well Natsu Dragneel's wish is for his best friend to return, Y/N. After disappearing a few years back, Natsu lusts for his old friend's return. But the challenges he faces proves his loyalty to her.

But Y/N has a secret, one in which could change the fate of the Guild. She's the Celestial Dragon Slayer, who doesn't of know of her own magic.

Her memories fade but as she begins to remember, she remembers a chunk of something she had lost, until her previous life is all visible.

This book, is for her Kids

Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 14
Me: Hey, Mom! 
                              Mom: What? 
                              Me: Hi. 
                              [Next time later...House is flooding while Mom is watching YT.] 
                              Me: Mom!
                              Mom: *ignores* 
                              Me: Mom! Emergency!
                              Mom: *ignores* 
                              Me: Mom! I'm drowning!
                              Mom: *feels water* Why did you flood this place!?
                              Me: 🤤
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 14
I'm sorry for this circumstance, but I'm not really. I'm afraid you just wasted your time reading this. Anyways, follow? 😉
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 14
When life gives you Wattpad....
                              Pass it on to your grandchildren to carry on the dynasty.
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 14
                              Woman: Yes? 
                              Could you please give me some lemonade?
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 14
When life gives you lemons...
                              Stuff it up your siblings mouth and be proud of what you did.
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 14
[Girl runs around with fire on her clothing.] 
                              Me: This girl is on fiiirrrrrrre. 
                              Firefighter: Can you just pass me the hose already!
                              Me: I may or may not have burnt it...