Kidnapped By The Mafia King

Kidnapped By The Mafia King

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JOANNA MARCUS By Smiles4evermiles Updated Aug 28

I threw pillow after pillow hoping that it would magically knock my kidnapper out. 

"Let - me - go!" I threw a pillow after every word I said. 

My kidnapper pointed his finger at me,"Stop throwing pillows at me!" 

Oh he thinks I'm gonna stop because he told me to oh he's got something coming. 

My name is Bailey Dixon and this is my story about how I got Kidnapped by the Mafia King.

** When the book is finished I will go over and edit it**

I haven't ever watched that movie before, and I keep hearing stuff like this inside books.  Meanwhile, I'm here saying these type of comments.
She doesn't seem to bad, actually.  Just very high-standard and has a snarky attitude to her.  I thought she was going t be like, "Shine my shoes, peasant."
Shush, child.  It'll be all okay.  Just channel your inner ninja and teleport through the back of the van.
I'd like there to be a montage of her just running into walls, tipping over chairs, and staggering down a staircase upside-down. xD
Aw man, I'd never want a mom like that.  :/  So freaky to even have the thought inside my head.
Am not a shame this is so me.. walk in to a wall and say sorry n then ask why it just standing there lol