Kidnapped By The Mafia King

Kidnapped By The Mafia King

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JOANNA MARCUS By Smiles4evermiles Updated Dec 20, 2017

I threw pillow after pillow hoping that it would magically knock my kidnapper out. 

"Let - me - go!" I threw a pillow after every word I said. 

My kidnapper pointed his finger at me,"Stop throwing pillows at me!" 

Oh he thinks I'm gonna stop because he told me to oh he's got something coming. 

My name is Bailey Dixon and this is my story about how I got Kidnapped by the Mafia King.

** When the book is finished I will go over and edit it**

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FedoraChild FedoraChild Dec 26, 2017
I love FOB and all I can think about is if they kidnapped me and Pete was Falcon
Marydancer33 Marydancer33 Dec 29, 2017
You know you could of always asked her out... like a normal man 😂
Tylie_woohoo Tylie_woohoo Dec 20, 2017
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that her little  sister has no transportation and might be the only kid left alone at the building because of crazy pants here???
chanteleward17 chanteleward17 Sep 13, 2017
Am not a shame this is so me.. walk in to a wall and say sorry n then ask why it just standing there lol
Bloodspill101 Bloodspill101 Oct 08, 2017
That is legit the only scary movie that still gets to me. That freaky little leprechaun on his little tricycle going down the hospital hallways... *shiver*
QueenofSarcasm05 QueenofSarcasm05 Nov 24, 2017
I'm not clumsy it's just that the wall the chairs and the floor oh and life don't like me