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Kill 'em with kindness

Kill 'em with kindness

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Jelena stories By jelenalover11 Updated Sep 28, 2016

Mandy- bye hunny! Have a good first day at school 
Selena- smiles) thanks bye momma

Selena walks out the door and sees a boy across the street getting into his car! She walks down the sidewalk as the car speeds past her down the street! 10 minutes later Selena walks into the school and into the office!
Selena- hi! I'm Selena Gomez! I'm the new student!
Office lady- welcome miss Gomez (goes over her schedule, locker and other things with her) 
They bell rings 
???- walks in) morning Mrs Owen 
Mrs owen(office lady)- good morning Taylor! (Looks back at Selena) Taylor do you mind showing our new student to her class 
Taylor- of course 
Mrs Owen- thank you dear
Taylor- nods) follow me 
Selena- follows Taylor 
Taylor- I'm Taylor... Taylor swift 
Selena- smiles) Selena Gomez 
Taylor- so where are you from 
Selena- Texas 
Taylor- well welcome to California
Selena- thank you 
Taylor- so what class do you have 
Selena- uh (looks at her times table) English- with porter 
Taylor- hey m...

Inilicious Inilicious Sep 13, 2016
At first it looked as if there were peps inside, not knowing it was the chair.😀😁😊