Unraveled {Vampire X Reader} Completed!!

Unraveled {Vampire X Reader} Completed!!

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🌻영원히 By kissyhehe Completed

(Male Vampire x AnyGenderReader)

8-21-17 #280 rank in vampires~~

"Don't just come enter places that you might not belong in, or you may never be found again."

(Y/N) was born in a very small town, Not Much people were around so everyone was familiar. 

(Y/N) one day decided to go into a woods, because no one had ever real went into it or tried to but (Y/N) was different and wanted to know what was in the woods and why no one wanted to enter the woods. (Y/N) was curious of course that was the main reason, so with that (Y/N) decided to go in, the only one who ever tried to go it. But when (Y/N) got deep enough a castle was found, And (Y/N) went inside.

AnimeLemonz AnimeLemonz Apr 01
Wait a minute..... *Processes what was just said* OTHER VAMPIRES!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!