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A Girl of Riddles [A Harry Potter Fanfiction]

A Girl of Riddles [A Harry Potter Fanfiction]

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Nox By TurnOutTheLight Updated May 03

"Expelliarmus!" one yelled, and I barely avoided it. 
  "Reducto!" A red spark flew past me as I ran on, my muscles protesting in pain with every movement. But I had to keep moving. I have to live.
  "Protego!" I flicked my wand, managing to create an invisible shield as another spell was directed at me. When will they stop?!
  "You can't run away, Riddle! You must pay for your father's crimes -" what kind of logic was that?! I am not my father! "- Crucio!" I ducked.
  "That's illegal!"
  Maya Riddle, daughter of Tom Riddle, is on the run from Ministry of Magic Aurors who believe, quite foolishly, that Maya is the one to blame for her father's crimes.
  Blinded by the chance of blaming someone for the horrors of past years, the Ministry will stop at nothing to get Maya.
  But when a man with a long white beard by the name of Albus Dumbledore appears with a task, will Maya finally have a chance to prove herself worthy of living?
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Madie2k Madie2k Aug 03, 2016
I really like the title and the front cover. I'm surprised more people haven't read it!