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A Seeker's Slave

A Seeker's Slave

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Beezy By DarkShadows5 Updated Dec 04, 2016

Don't ever may just become your reality and I guarantee...that's the last thing you want.
  I'm guilty.
  I have lived my life, lie after lie. It is how I survived. It is what I learned to do best.
  Manipulating. Decieving. 
  To save my life, I played the dangerous game in cost of the life of those whom I selfishly fooled into protecting me. 
  I wanted power.
  I wanted everything.
  I have done horrible things and it is because of it that I kneel with an unclean conscience and a beaten body. 
  I committed a crime. A crime that not even death could pay. A crime that I pay as what I once was.
  My actions have lead me to where and what I am.
  He is a Seeker. One of the most powerful beings to ever exist is my master and I his slave. 
  It is guilty of a crime that I have become A Seeker's Slave.
  Cover by: @MaryKont

readtokill readtokill Aug 06, 2016
I'm glad you know about this stuff..I am afraid of knowing the reasons why you did what you did because I hated you so much in the other book
TriggerWarningSorry TriggerWarningSorry Oct 30, 2016
Hm.. I must ask this question. You do not like negative comments on your story... Well, I hope you know the difference between constructive criticism and hateful comments. But, if you keep blocking anything negative, I'm sorry to say this, you will absolutely never improve.
SerenityR0se SerenityR0se Aug 05, 2016
Hahaha so glad she's getting treated the same way she treated Hope.
SerenityR0se SerenityR0se Aug 05, 2016
I love you so much, thank you for dedicating all three of your prologues to me <3 😭😭
Dragon_Acnologia Dragon_Acnologia Aug 08, 2016
lmao i now i wish this book was already completed so i could just dive right in and not stop just when i get intrigued
bvbelly bvbelly Aug 05, 2016
I am SO excited for your new book! Nothing but love for you😭😭❤❤