untitled [wroetozerk]

untitled [wroetozerk]

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stfu By animatedmello Updated Oct 21

[warning: sexual and vulgar content]
<lower case intended>

he was stunning. raven black hair along with a short, trimmed beard - and oh dear his height. he wasn't tall enough to be irritating or off putting, yet tall enough to look - normal. recently my mind had been wandering to the happy look in his hazel eyes when he helped me with my books from the local library only a few days ago. oh dear god please don't tell me i have -

beep beep beep beep beep beep

a crush on him. fucks sake.

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                              also *princess
                              whatever, eat some food
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Smiley55757 Smiley55757 Nov 28
Omg, I saw this on tumblr ages ago and fell in love with it. So happy this was in the story. Ilysm :)