My Twin Mates and I

My Twin Mates and I

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alyxxstar By alyxxstar Updated Nov 27

"You're ours, forever, until the day we leave this earth."

My name's Emma, and my life's about as interesting as Lauren Oliver's books.

Okay, that was harsh, but honestly, my life is Boring with a capital B...
until they come.

They being a pair of twins whose smiles make me light up inside.

Add in a slightly psychotic ex-boyfriend, a horny group of football players, and a posse of bîtchy cheerleaders, and you get a disaster.

Here's the story between my twin mates and I.

Who knows what's going to happen?
Started on 7/25/2016
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tehya96 tehya96 Oct 25
What the heck kinda friend would do that😂but don't worry boo guys insult me allllllll the time
evendrae evendrae Oct 27
Lots of people say that I'm better at doing the handshake than most boys. . . maybe it's a sign? Lol jk
pipa_loves1819 pipa_loves1819 3 days ago
Whenever we get assigned seats, I always seat next to the popular kid's. Then I get stuck drawing different brand names like Nike and Jordan's or something that they ask for. I'm the sweet one... Then we joke about my name being Annabelle.
It looks like they had it one the pan for 3 seconds and took it off
I honestly would have died from blushing, cause socially awkward asf😂😂