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MCD Role Play

MCD Role Play

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Lady Tay of the Jury💜 By Taysama709 Updated 7 days ago

Hey guys... I made a Minecraft role play book hope you like it!

                              Rae heads over to where she hears the crying. She calls softly from the bushes, "Hey, are you okay?"
Angel_Melon Angel_Melon Apr 02
                              Iris quietly went to the location of the crying, and peeked in. She couldn't risk getting caught in a trap, so she has to analyze the objects around the person, to go see what's wrong.
I slowly approached the crying form and kick the ground next to them, getting their attention. "Excuse me, may I ask what's wrong?"
Heyyy! Can I just use jayyyy? I've rped with him on some rps with u!
                              I approache the girl from behind. When I laid my left arm on her shoulder I accidentally startled her
                              "Oh. I'm sorry if i startled you. I was just curious as too why you were crying"
IronArcher618 IronArcher618 Nov 16, 2016
                              Aphmau panicked and dashed over to the sound. She took a deep breath and sat down next to him/ her.