My Yandere StepBrother

My Yandere StepBrother

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BunnyEunbi By geeky_nistaz Updated Aug 18

(Y/N) has always had a grudge against Katsu (her stepbrother) and her new mother. She would say it's her stepmothers fault that her father and mother got divorced. And now that her father has given up on her, and handed her to Katsu (her stepbrother), she won't let her 'brother' have her ways. 

But what (Y/N) doesn't know is that her 'brother' has other intentions with her.

He maybe even loves her...

Yandere OC

I love school, not for the people or the papers.  But my FRIENDS 
                              So when I say I miss school.  I really mean MY PEEPS
HAHAHAHAHAHA A LaUgH.  How OLD are u.  Probs 13. ((No offense))
                              Y/n gotta pay attention to life. But yeah. I hAtE cHeaTers....
                              Me: Now why the fùck should I kill myself because I'm rude to my stepbrothers lmao Gurl do you not understand how siblings work?
I'll drown you in a sink. Have a good day. I said, HAVE A GOOD DAY, SIR.
chihika chihika Sep 13
Yup,yup to the point where I just wanna beat the hell out of them
That could have  hurt my feelings ............. If I had any