My Yandere StepBrother

My Yandere StepBrother

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geeky_nistaz By geeky_nistaz Updated Feb 15

It's not an incest!!!

(Y/N) has always had a grudge against Katsu (her stepbrother) and her new mother. She would say it's her stepmothers fault that her father and mother got divorced. And now that her father has given up on her, and handed her to Katsu (her stepbrother), she won't let her 'brother' have her ways. 

But what (Y/N) doesn't know is that her 'brother' has other intentions with her.

He maybe even loves her...

-This is not a Mikaela X reader!!!!! My Yandere OC just really looks like him. I'm sorry if u thought it was ;-;

Yandere OC x Reader

*Cough* *Cough* You Know Whats Wh*re? *Cough* *Cough* And Your 10? What Drugs Are You On?
matjbh matjbh Dec 31, 2016
I'm not really sure if I can drink soul reapers but it's worth a try BANKAI BITCH!!!
Well I'm sure she's better than Cordelia from diabolik lovers
Atleast I aint normal,
                              Normal is boring,
                              And I dont have to be the same race like you bullies
slayourhoe slayourhoe Dec 31, 2016
That probably me, ppl think I'm just naturally rude but I just don't like certain ppl.
kedaboo03 kedaboo03 Jan 11
At this point in the story I don't even give a f*** if he does something to her. It's good so far though