People Meet The 7 And Friends

People Meet The 7 And Friends

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Sarah Stephen By ssfosh Completed

This is an unusual version of people meeting the 7 and friends. 
Also there is a change up in a few positions of leadership. Oops! I said to much. 
Follow the gang through their journey. 
This is a bunch of one-shots following a story line. 

Please vote and comment! Constructive criticism is advised. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Sarah Stephen

I do not own PJO or HOO charecters or events. I am also not Rick Riordan

Flamenami Flamenami May 09
Hecate is dead? WTF? Isn't she like, immortal?  The demigods remember her, so she can't fade. Someone (I don't remember) said "Gods can be injured, bur they can't be killed." Wasn't Hecate a goddess?
.... That's how you know she doesn't like jiper/ Jasper.... I would've thought it'd be her second one cause of her daughter. Guess not :3
a goddess cant die, they fade if they lose their will to live or forgetten . i dont think hecate can die bit she can be hurt I don't mind Thalico, or Reynico... (SOLANGELO!!) But really?! REYNA AND WILL?! REALLY?!?
Kaleisgood Kaleisgood Sep 06
Me: *bursts into tears*
                              My Brother: What's wrong?
                              Me: *shows him*
                              My Brother: You and your fangirling
                              Me: DON'T JUDGE MEEEE
For me my first is Percabeth second Solangelo and third... I dunno