I Found My Prince Charming (Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x reader)

I Found My Prince Charming (Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x reader)

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Kitten~ By ellie2181 Updated Aug 27

(Y/n)'s mom works for Gabriel Agreste as a fashion designer, which led to their children becoming best friends.
Now they are in the 10th grade and (Y/n) starts to feel uneasy around him...
Her heart beats faster...
Her face becomes hot...
She feels uncomfortable around him yet wants to stay...
She soon realizes that she's beginning to fall for this dork when she realized she's drawing him
She crumbles the paper and stuffs it in her drawer, never to be looked at again.

Soon after (Y/n) is about to get hurt by an akumatized citizen, until Chat Noir saves her. She stares at him in awe from how brave he was, but him holding you felt so familiar, heck he even looked familiar. Later on after everyone's safe Chat had a couple of minutes to spare, and you asked to draw him, which he responded with a lit up face and saying yes for what it felt like a thousand years.

You began to draw him and then realized that he was VERY similar to your dork, Adrien Agreste.
You finished up and headed home as fast as possible.
You wanted to know if that was your best friend behind the mask.

YunaHiraga YunaHiraga Nov 01
You can make a perfect cat pun with this story by titling it "I Found My Purr-ince Charming"
Queen_Rume Queen_Rume Nov 05
Ahhh my childhood good times I remember playing w/ this girl in kindergarten and the we became the best of friends
Ginerva29 Ginerva29 Sep 13
Um... Can you read my story? And my friends @Forever_Phantom_Chat  too?
LynnPines LynnPines Dec 02
Those were the colors of me and my two friend's mermaid tails in a book I wrote
Aw. To bad thts bs cause i used to have a best friend tht we slowly started showing feelings for then at school he swerved on me :D love hurtz.