Terra Futanari (GirlxGirl)

Terra Futanari (GirlxGirl)

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Gabrielle Prevot By GabriellePrevot Updated Aug 16

Anu is out hunting in the forest when she hears what sounds like a person being chased. She hides until a young, beautiful woman runs by terrified and alone.  Curious about the woman dressed like a missionary, Anu follows her and eventually brings her back to the tribe, but not everything Anu's been told about the mysterious strangers from the stars is true. Neither is everything she's been told about her own people.

This is a long, science fiction story that contains futanari, girl on girl sex, and a number of other graphic themes and scenes. 

I would really appreciate your thoughts after you give it a read. Thanks!

No ones gonna comment about how awesome this description of pussy is😂😂
Yup, I like this book already and it's just the first chapter. I love futa books that are written well and have a ton of story. Smut is fun sometimes, but I'm a story type of girl.