Scourge x Ashfur Fanfic [Revengeshipping] You Don't Need Her, But I Need You...

Scourge x Ashfur Fanfic [Revengeshipping] You Don't Need Her, But I Need You...

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Sarah By goldenpaw Updated Dec 23, 2014

Scourge sharpened the eaten mouse's bones with his claws as he lay in the allyway. Where was he? He knew his best friend, Ashfur, was having trouble with that ginger she-cat, Squirrelflight, but... he was always on time! Worry hung like a stone in Scourge's stomach. Should I go looking for him? He wondered. 

Scourge let out a big sigh and decided against it. Maybe he's just running late. Just the thought, however, that his friend was in trouble, was too much for the young male. Just as he was about to stand up and dash into the ThunderClan forest, a gray shape flew over the ally wall. 

"Ashfur! You're late, are you alright?" Scourge exclaimed. 

Ashfur walked past Scourge and stopped short of the mouse, about two tail-lenghs away. "No... No, I'm not..."

Scourge studied his body, making a mental remark about how well he was built, but looking for blood. "You don't look hurt though..."

Ashfur turned around and sat down, holding Scourge's gaze. Scourge found himself getting lost in As...

Jammer29401 Jammer29401 Jul 27, 2017
I just realized your name and ohmygod I named a cat Goldenpaw in my own Warriors Series!!!!
Kconrow Kconrow Mar 13
Go ahead Scourge! Become an actor, because it seems like the best thing you could be good at.
Wait. Is this by the lake, because if it’s still the forest, then jaydeather shouldn’t be born, and if it’s the lake then it should be too far from scourges home to travel so easily
IDontCareitsCute IDontCareitsCute Jun 16, 2016
Oh like idk, threaten to kill all 3 of her sisters kits.....
blue-jay-900 blue-jay-900 Sep 01, 2016
pacmanislife pacmanislife Jan 30, 2016
wasn't ashfur a paw in the war? noooooo don't listen to me I now nothing is awesome I'm just like not hereeeee