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Usagi Draws

Usagi Draws

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Emotionally Unbalanced By usagi_no_baka Updated a day ago

Wow. This is the 5th Book, but the First "Usagi Draws"

I decided making the title like that rather than "Usagi's Art Book 5", it just seems unoriginal.. not that the title now is original.. it's kinda mixed ;^;  I suck at explaning... also-

I'm bad with intros, so here's a copy-pasted intro from my previous art book/s..

  First off! Y'all can call me Usagi!~ I'm a rabbit Hybrid that's just full of surprise... get on my bad side and you'll be having a bad time (-w0)
  (Undertale Trash here.. *wink* *wink*)
  I don't take requests.... unless I post up a REQUEST chapter
  I take Art Trades but 50% chance I'll do it unless I also post an ART TRADE chapter
  I often forget the OCs I make.. except for the MAIN 5 which I won't forgot cuz they are stuck to my head like glue. So If I make an OC that isn't part of the Main 5.. don't be surprised if I forget it.
  I'm really random.. and lazy.
  BUTT! If you guys want tips you might wanna check out this book (or my other books)
  Everyone here is my friend and yours, so please don't be shy to comment or even PM me.
  I would gladly take recommendations if there are flaws in my art.


galaxysons galaxysons Aug 28, 2016
I use Medibang too. That looks absolutely amazing though. Gorgeous
SaltyMemeDweeb SaltyMemeDweeb Oct 24, 2016
                              Cuz I'm a rebel imma skip the other books and just look,through this one :D
                              Okie Imma go to bed in a minute, gn! :3
TheGenuineIdiot TheGenuineIdiot Aug 14, 2016
Ohhhhhh my friend used to use Medibang XD she told me to use it, but like always I had trouble understanding how to use it and ended up sticking to pencil/pen and paper XDDD
KeepCalmAndOtaku KeepCalmAndOtaku Aug 23, 2016
What's Medibang? I've been using a glitchy Framecast for all of my art and anims and stuff, so it'd be cool if I could find a nice multi-later program to draw on! uwu
Socialteh Socialteh Oct 20, 2016
Do you have a big phone? Or small fingers?  Lol because Thats amazing for someone to draw like that on a phone
skcupcakes skcupcakes Jul 25, 2016
ITS ADORABLE!!! I hate the medibang up though it always crashes •n•