STALKER | Justin Bieber as Jason McCann

STALKER | Justin Bieber as Jason McCann

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By raniasbooks Updated Oct 30, 2018

"Stop with your damn attitude and fucking love me for gods sake!" He screamed, his bloody eyes balling out and his veins popping out. 

"I don't love you, I never will! You're disgusting and no one sane would ever think of loving you!" 

"You-" His hands and legs began to shake as blood brought his face to a darker shade of red. 
In all honesty, I was scared for my life. I was in a do or die situation yet I managed to be stupid and I put up an attitude around the world's most wanted criminal. 

"I hate you so fucking much!" I spat. Rage was running through my veins and the adrenaline it created caused the energy to raise, blurring any ounce of sanity left in me. I was as crazier as him if I thought I'd make it out alive after what I'd just said. 

His torso started moving heavily, as if he had difficulties to breathe. But Jason was a criminal and no words would have the power to hurt such a man. 

He looked at me in the eyes, all emotion disappearing which left his look blank, and even more scary. He horrifically brought his hands to his pocket where I distinguished the shape of a weapon I knew so well, too well. I watched him hold the fate of my life between his injured hands. 

"Take that back." He muttered, a shaky hand pointing a golden gun at my forehead, his finger against the trigger. 


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