The Clique Smut (Dinah/Camila/Normani)

The Clique Smut (Dinah/Camila/Normani)

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#NotMyPresident By GreatWalzOfChina Updated Nov 23

Due to the scarcity of non-Camren 5H fanfics, I wrote a smut book about my favorite girls and their ships. Includes Caminah, Normila and Norminah. All chapters have smut. I try to be as creative as possible, but I do take requests.

WARNING: Some might be G!P. If so, it will be listed as such in the chapter name.

Cover art by: @Vuliano

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2016. ©GreatWalzOfChina

Omg that interview where Camila said dark chocolate was her favorite then her and Mani started looking at each other 💘
Nsync.. "God must've spent a little more time on you." Fun fact: My older brother used this song to ask out a girl and she said yes.