My Badass Teacher® (RE-WRITING)

My Badass Teacher® (RE-WRITING)

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Miss Awkward By the_shy_teenager Updated Jan 04

Past. We all have one.
For some it's bitter and for some it's sweet. But, honestly no one would like to live in their past. We run from past; we learn from our past. 



"Let's run away." heart said.

"How long will we run?" the brain asked.

"I don't know. But, I don't like how it feels." heart said.

"Let's fight it then. Be brave." brain said determined.

"I'm not brave..." heart whispered.


A story of a girl revealing the mysteries of her past; a journey of crime and unanswered questions. Let's trade shoes with her, and look at shits through her eyes. Now, shall we?


Warning: This story contains explicit contents. Read at you own risk. No plagiarism. If you see a copy of my work anywhere else do inform me.

Enjoy! :)

awesome start dear ...but wanna know why  u r re-writing it......