Cocoa Butter Kisses (An Interracial Love Story)

Cocoa Butter Kisses (An Interracial Love Story)

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HalcyonEcstasy By HalcyonEcstasy Updated Jan 18

"You're my Cacao princesa." He watched the way she smiled and hid her face. She didn't say anything in return, she felt too nervous to say anything else. This boy was really having an effect on her, whether she wanted him to or not. Despite what others would tell her or what she even told herself, there was no doubt in her mind that she was happy. She hadn't been in a long time, Neither had he. 

"I like that." She eventually spoke, making him feel a lot easier about the two of them. As she curled up next to him, a smile slowly spread onto his face. He was at home with her.

"Yeah... me too."

Blaise Lupus is a young, artistic dancer who resides in L.A. When an outing with a friend leads him to Talliah King, a very confident and strong Business woman, Sparks instantly fly. Despite many hurdles and obstacles, Blaise is determined to get Talliah's attention, Even if he is 'Just a kid.' If he doesn't see age as such an issue then why should she?

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tzanii tzanii Aug 21
I'm looking for a book that has art that looks like  this woman wearing orange
Yeah sis was doin 2 much all she had to say was thank u & keep it moving
This deadass is me when I sneeze. I get so mad at myself for sneezing lol
I love this. The woman is the one in charge for a change. Really nice to see this!💗👏🏾
pmgayles pmgayles Aug 04, 2016
I love Blaise!!!  Poor baby is in pain, but in the grand scheme 16 months really ain't that long. I feel him on the caramel though.
LilShavell34 LilShavell34 Dec 20, 2016
She really is like I understand you are independent but it's only 2 dollars it's not 200