White As Snow (GirlxGirl, Lesbian)

White As Snow (GirlxGirl, Lesbian)

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Meet Marissa the school's Ice Queen and Ashley the school's popular head cheerleader.

     Marissa is the isolated girl giving off the Ice Queen vibe who lives with her father and her stepmother. Her step mother only caring about her father's wealth and making sure to keep Marissa out of the way, helps with keeping Marissa isolated and alone. Ashley being the ever so popular and loved girl of the school befriends Marissa and tries to show her there is more to life than being alone although her flirtatious ways have more effect on Marisa than they both know. Can Ashley save her before anything happens?

     'White as snow' is inspired by snow white but is changed and twisted into something different for a 21st-century lesbian love story. Snow White in here would be Marissa who is the rich isolated lonely girl and her 'prince' or savior would be Ashley, or at least she will be if she can save Marissa before the evil stepmother gets her way with Marissa. There may not be any magical apple but this is the 21st century where we know how bad things can get.

     This is a story I came up for Christmas in two hours in the morning thinking I should at least have something up for Christmas for you awesome guys as a present for supporting me. It's a girlxgirl book so beware of the awesomeness.

Copyright © CM Rashu (aka CLAYMOREBN), 2011-2012 All Rights Reserved

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Story of my life except i care about Youtube (wow my life is sad)