BTS: Highschool's Bad Boys

BTS: Highschool's Bad Boys

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kpopjeonjungkook By kpopjeonjungkook Updated Nov 27, 2017

Just like day and night, good and evil are always against each others. But there's a chance to choose. Evil is always powerful and attractive, but good tends to win everytime... Y/N, has her chance to choose, since she's a new student of the highschool which is under control by four gangs: Good Boy Gang, Good Girl Gang, Bad Boy Gang and Bad Girl Gang. So, what will she choose? Good or bad? Let me tell a bit of Y/N backround first.

Y/N is just a ordinary girl who is sweet and caring to others. She lived with her mom after her mom and dad had a divorce when her mother cheated on her dad. She is part of triplets, there's her 2 brothers and her. The boys decided to live with their dad while Y/N lived with mom. That's till her life turns...her mom kicks her out. She moves to live with her dad and brothers and goes to a new highschool...

Read this story to find out what will happen to Y/N, and especially, if she finds forbidden love.

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Wait did she say that she was originally from South Korea? So if she's at Texas then wouldn't that mean she's been on a plane? Or do I have really bad memory and it's really her first time?
Obviously yoongi I mean everything he wears represents swag😎🤣😊🙄
I wasn't even thinking dirty until you pointed it out 😂😂😂 NaSty AuThOr-NiM
Mccn_Haneul Mccn_Haneul Feb 28
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i’m sorry but like you said “i have become strong” why were you just shaking because of a rude comment?
B B B-Grade A-Grade is what we wanna be B B B-Grade and we’re gonna be the best
                              I was just watch DreamHigh before a spider popped out of no where and now I have fled to the safety of the opposite side of the house