BTS: Highschool's Bad Boys

BTS: Highschool's Bad Boys

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kpopjeonjungkook By kpopjeonjungkook Updated Mar 07

Just like day and night, good and evil are always against each others. But there's a chance to choose. Evil is always powerful and attractive, but good tends to win everytime... Y/N, has her chance to choose, since she's a new student of the highschool which is under control by four gangs: Good Boy Gang, Good Girl Gang, Bad Boy Gang and Bad Girl Gang. So, what will she choose? Good or bad? Let me tell a bit of Y/N backround first.

Y/N is just a ordinary girl who is sweet and caring to others. She lived with her mom after her mom and dad had a divorce when her mother cheated on her dad. She is part of triplets, there's her 2 brothers and her. The boys decided to live with their dad while Y/N lived with mom. That's till her life turns...her mom kicks her out. She moves to live with her dad and brothers and goes to a new highschool...

Read this story to find out what will happen to Y/N, and especially, if she finds forbidden love.

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XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Jul 30
What The Hell bro, I wouldn't even try to kiss a stepdad that abuses me like tf?!
If this is her first time on the plane how did she get to Texas??
DerpyIsSwag DerpyIsSwag Jul 27
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww the only ppl I'm kissing are bts, got7 or exo