An Imperfect Beauty and Her Beast

An Imperfect Beauty and Her Beast

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Jane By NightChild13 Completed

"That's why you can't rely on prince charming, because your demons might even scare him away..."

Giovanna Algarotti loves fairytales.
David Sparrow hates them.
Giovanna just wants to live her life.
David just wants to end his.
She can't seem to take control of her anxiety attacks.
He's only in control when he's with her.

Will the imperfect beauty fall for the perfectly messed up beast? 
Or will her prince charming steal her away before the beast can steal her heart?
What will happen when Giovanna gets her fairytale, but it's nothing like she expected?

Amazing cover done by crookedaydreamer
***Trigger warning-Some chapters contain suicidal thoughts and/or actions***
Fantasy #22 9/20/15

  • abuse
  • anxiety
  • beauty-and-the-beast
  • death
  • fairytale
  • fiction
  • love
  • magic
  • woods
KeepStayingWeird KeepStayingWeird Apr 12, 2016
Idk who you are like what parent is going to say this?? Stupid.
TheLoudMouse TheLoudMouse Nov 14, 2016
I feel like the plot and story has moved to fast. Too much has happened within the first chapter. However I really like the beginning! :)
hcharris hcharris Feb 18, 2016
Love the concept. You're writing is very smooth! Captured my interest. I'm looking forward to reading more!
vampiretop10 vampiretop10 Nov 18, 2015
You're a talented writer. Cool stuff! I loved it! Full of imagination and creativity.
JessicaVard15 JessicaVard15 Nov 12, 2015
I like your opening, I feel it gives us a good starting point. Your a fantastic author and don't listen to people who tell you to do anything different from what your doing. Follow your instincts as a writer and you will become a better and better that way.
mistywindflow mistywindflow Nov 02, 2015
While opening with a dream is mildly interesting... it is very cliché and can be confusing. You could edit and have those details later. At the beginning we don't really care about the character or her dreams. Try out a different hook at the beginning :)