How to speak Wolf (Superwolf)

How to speak Wolf (Superwolf)

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Virgil  Lehane By angelofmiddleearth Updated Jan 22, 2017

When Sam and Dean discover that Beacon Hills sheriff's son Stiles Stilinski is really their unknown brother, the situation quickly gets complicated with werewolf plots, complex love stories, and constant threats to Stiles' werewolf friends.

After season 7 of Supernatural
season 2 of Teen Wolf

There is only one language that a wolf speaks- family.

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aepg2005 aepg2005 Nov 26, 2017
Bitch HE KNOWS AND SO DOES STILES (which is NOT his real name soooooo)
GalaxFree GalaxFree Oct 23, 2017
Maybe John was like Ego and wanted to claim the hole freaking planet with winchesters
VivaLaPlutoFuckYou VivaLaPlutoFuckYou Jul 22, 2017
I just think about that fake movie poster for a chic flick with them on it titled "So Get This" and I can't keep a straight face
aepg2005 aepg2005 Nov 26, 2017
Ok so am I the only one that realizes that they are in a freaking hospital right????
Nightingale7777 Nightingale7777 May 03, 2017
Just like me and my sister. Everyone assumes she's the oldest because she's the tallest, but in  reality she's four years younger than me.
CheesyCliches CheesyCliches Dec 27, 2017
Hey did you know you have exactly 911 votes on this story I found it funny