The Reunion - Septiplier

The Reunion - Septiplier

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This is a sequel to High School. 

It's been five years since the events from high school happened. 

Both Jack and Mark decided that it was better to stop looking back at their past and start focusing more on their future, so they moved on with their lives. 

Little did they know that life has its ways of reuniting two past lovers for a second try.

(This is based in an alternate universe. There will be some of the things that happened in real life, but other than that, everything is all pure imagination by me.) 

Enjoy (:

KizzyBledge KizzyBledge Jun 20
                              I'm sorry, I'll just leave now...
Gamer_Girl151 Gamer_Girl151 Sep 11, 2016
Bruh, how the fùck did you find his house, and how did you get in said house?!
swiftstar89 swiftstar89 Jul 29, 2016
Everyone's so happy in the comments while I'm like: Okay, you don't break into someone's house! You could've gone to the front door and knocked! But noooo, you have to pull some A sh**. New theory, Mark is A.
harrilat harrilat Feb 19
I read viola lmao😂 am I the only one *raises hand* yes? Okay *puts hand down and walks away*😂
Mark: Jack ill never give up
                              Jack".......-hopiing to fforget-
                              Mark: Hey yuotube-forgets-
                              Jack: Oh cool Markiplier..........Daddy is that you?
septiplier_16 septiplier_16 Sep 02, 2016
This bits not even sad but I came here straight from the last story and I've been sobbing for the past half an hour... 😢😭