Nico Goes to Hogwarts

Nico Goes to Hogwarts

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abracafuck you By RowanLaufeyson1 Updated May 11, 2017

HEY! I adopted this story from @IbbyBird !!! I'm not gonna even TRY and copy all that's already been done, so go to Ibby's page and click on "Nico goes to Hogwarts"! (Also click follow). Have you done the reading of the original? No? Do it before u read this or else it won't make sense. Here's the summary that was originally on there. 

The Giant War didn't end the way it was supposed to. Oh, don't worry, the demigods won of course - but at a price. 

With the Seven gone, Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace were the last children of the Big Three. Campers looked up to them for guidance - that is, until Thalia is killed in a hunt. Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter alike didn't take their losses well, and took it out on the only person they could think of. Nico, the creepy Son of Hades.

Two years later, Nico has long since left the miniature hell called Camp and is traveling around the world with his boyfriend, Will. Completing Quests and fixing relationships with their families was their aim for the next few years - but then Nico was offered Godhood , and Will was suddenly the Guardian of the Hunt. 

For their next quests as immortals, Nico and Will are sent undercover by Hecate and Apollo into a magical school to defeat 'Lord Voldemort' before he starts a War, essentially nipping the problem in the bud. It wouldn't be easy, though. Of course not. 

Life is never easy with a certain trio around...

*During Goblet of Fire*

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butnotreally butnotreally May 11, 2017
I love how the writing turned so aggressive in Nico's chapter XD
hullo_world hullo_world Mar 31, 2017
seems like it would be a good story but i can't seem to find Ibby's book! i think they deleted their works?
natureotaku natureotaku Aug 21, 2016
WE'LL CARRY ON!!! WE'LL CARRY OOON!!!!!!!!! *Starts sobbing violently while eyeliner runs down face*
Rugonfire Rugonfire Jul 28, 2016
Another one of those, huh?
                              Finally, a reference from something I'm familiar with xD
Raven_Vanvid Raven_Vanvid Oct 22, 2016
For some reason i read Bellatrix right there instead of Brianna...
OnlyLittle63 OnlyLittle63 Oct 18, 2016
She better not be a homosexual hater
                              Or else I'm gon stab her with that quick quotes pen of hers and squash her little beetle body
                              Or perhaps Solangelo is simply too